Country before Party


Robert Tager offers fresh alternatives to the past decades of ineffective leadership in the 12th Congressional District, State, and Nation. Issues and Positions.

My positions are very simple and crafted through common sense:

     Country must always come before party in policy considerations.

   What is good for the middle class and working class is also good for America.

New ideas are what moves our Country forward.

Rebuilding and strengthening the middle class must begin. We must end the needless suffering and death of people simply because they can not afford health insurance. Health care is a human right and everyone must have access, regardless of income level. Social Security and Medicare must be preserved and strengthened, and the VA properly funded and ran to serve our Veterans. There must be respect for our individual freedoms and rights including reproductive choice and equality, and recognition that "All people are created equal" regardless of their gender, race, national origin, or sexual orientation and identity. Our reliance on fossil fuels must end, fracking in our state not be allowed, offshore drilling off our coast be prohibited, and sugar subsides ended. Renewable energy must be promoted and incentivized to quicken the progress towards energy independence, clean environment, and hundreds of thousands new high paying jobs.  Minimum wage must be increased, tax cuts for the lower 98% be given, and good paying jobs created here in our District, State, and Nation. Voter disenfranchisement, including gerrymandering, must end.

We have a lot of work to do.

Our current congressman, Gus, is not for us. He has never voted for our benefit. He has consistently voted against our interests and in favor of those special interest groups that support him through millions of dollars of campaign contributions. Our District, State, and Nation needs a representative that fights to better the majority of the people and not the few elites. We need representation that puts the good of the people and Country first. I am that person. I will fight for all of the people and not corporations or special interests.




Nothing is more important than the health and security of the people government serves. So why are we still debating on common-sense healthcare and insurance solutions? The Healthcare Solution: I support Medicare for All and also a Public Option to allow people to buy into Medicare while Medicare for all is being argued, litigated, and set up. Medicare for all is self explanatory so while

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Help by signing my Candidate Petition

I am asking everyone that wants to support our campaign to fill out and sign the below linked Petition and mail it to me. Petitions must have original signatures so please do not email it. Candidate Petition Candidate Petition, two to a page for canvassing Please distribute this link to all your friends and family and other supporters. Make multiple copies and bring them with

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Why Vote Tager and Not Bilirakis for Congress

Gus Bilirakis has been in Congress since 2006 when he took his fathers congressional seat. Based upon his votes and support for legislation that harms Social Security, Medicare, VA, against fighting climate change, against job stimulants, economic recovery, middle class, it is time for a new and different Voice. The following are his votes. Some of my positions are laid out immediately after his harmful voting

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