Country before Party

Robert's Positions

Robert Tager offers a fresh alternative to the past decade of ineffective leadership in the 12th Congressional District. More issues positions.

“My positions are very simple and crafted through common sense:

     Country must always come before party in policy considerations.

   What is good for the middle class and working class is also good for America.

While the Republican leadership has been working for corporations and the wealthy elite and the Democratic leadership has been busy working for the poor and minorities, we in the middle have been ignored and financially squeezed.

Let me be very clear, corporations and the super rich do not care about us, our success, or failures. They want us to buy their products and give them our money. We have heard from Republican leadership for decades, ‘give them tax breaks and they will create jobs.’ Do you want to know why corporations and the top two percent are richer now and we in the middle are struggling? It’s because they got their tax breaks, and we got the shaft. They now own over 60 percent of our nation’s wealth and they aren't about to ‘trickle it down’ through jobs or higher wages.  They would rather export jobs, put us out of work, and grow their own profit margins at our expense



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I am asking everyone that wants to support our campaign to fill out and sign the below linked Petition and mail it to me. Petitions must have original signatures so please do not email it. Candidate Petition Please distribute this link to all your friends and family and other supporters. Make multiple copies and bring them with you when you go to lunch with friends

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Why Vote Tager and Not Bilirakis for Congress

Gus Bilirakis has been in Congress since 2006 when he took his fathers congressional seat. Based upon his votes and support for legislation that harms Social Security, Medicare, VA, against fighting climate change, against job stimulants, economic recovery, middle class, it is time for a new and different Voice. The following are his votes. Some of my positions are laid out immediately after his harmful voting

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Gus Bilirakis Is Against Social Security and Medicare

Bilirakis C0-Sponsors Bill Against Social Security and Medicare In Co-Sponsoring HR25, Congressman Bilirakis has again shown that he wants to privatize social security and turn medicare into a voucher program forcing seniors to buy their own health insurance. HR25 will significantly harm and weaken social security and will eliminate funding for medicare. In the Co-Sponsored Bill, Congress found in section 2(b): “Findings Relating to Federal

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