Why Vote Tager and Not Bilirakis for Congress

Gus Bilirakis has been in Congress since 2006 when he took his fathers congressional seat. Based upon his votes and support for legislation that harms Social Security, Medicare, VA, against fighting climate change, against job stimulants, economic recovery, middle class, it is time for a new and different Voice. The following are his votes. Some of my positions are laid out immediately after his harmful voting record and under the “Issues” tab above.

You can also read here Bilirakis’ and my answers to the League of Women Voters.


  • Voted against Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation.  (HR 4) This costs seniors much more out of pocket and it also costs the American tax Payer much more in payments for medicare drugs.
  • Voted for No Rate Regulation Of Broadband Internet. (HR. 2666) This means that cable companies can charge as much as they want. The internet providers are aware that younger people prefer to receive their news and entertainment through streaming or other internet sites and have noticed their drop in cable subscribers and cable revenues. This allows them to charge whatever they want for internet access and also permits them to structure their pricing as they choose.
  • Co-Sponsored HR 25 which finds that Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes destroy jobs and cause unemplyment. Eliminates FICA, eliminates guarantee funding of social security through payroll taxes. Also eliminates guaranteed funding for Medicare and turns medicare into Voucher program.
  • Co-Sponsored  HR 1309, Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2011 introduced by Biggert. This is a bill that would have raised flood insurance rates.
  • Voted for HR 4348 which is what caused the Flood Insurance rates to increase. These increases are what he claims on his tv ad as what he is fighting to reduce. He failed to tell his constituents that he voted for the very measure that caused their flood insurance rates to sky rocket. Here is an article from the Times.
  • Co-Sponsored HR 391 which was to amend the Clean Air Act to exclude pollutants connected to global warming and reads, “declare that nothing in the Act shall be treated as authorizing or requiring the regulation of climate change or global warming.”.
  • Voted against the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act following the great recession. (HR 1) 
  • Voted against regulating the subprime mortgage industry. (HR 3915). The subprime mortgage market is what caused the great recession of 2008.
  • Voted against Loans to GM and Chrysler following the great recession to keep american jobs survive. (HR 7321)
  • Voted against revitalizing severely distressed public housing. Adding Jobs and Infrastructure spending. (HR 3524)
  • Voted against Stimulus package for jobs and infrastructure jobs after the 2008 great recession. Job Creation and Unemployment Relief Act (HR 7110) (Bilirakis objected because he said that 60 Billion was not enough)
  • Voted to terminate the HAMP, Home Affordable Modification Program, (HR 839) Hamp was used to help people keep their homes through modification preventing the foreclosure which causes homelessness, loss of persons homes, drop of property value in neighborhoods.
  • Voted against additional anti-recession stimulus spending. (HR 3357)
  • Voted against Violence against Women Reauthorization Act of 2014. (HR11)
  • Voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009.
  • Voted against Clean energy and enforcing limits on CO2 global warming pollution. (HR2454)
  • Voted against tax credits for renewable energy and renewable energy job creation . (HR 7060)
  • Voted against tax incentives for clean energy production and conservation. (HR 6049.)
  • Voted against tax incentives for renewable energy. (HR5351)
  • Voted against removing oil and gas exploration subsidies. (HR 6)
  • Voted against keeping moratorium on drilling oil offshore. (HR 4761)
  • Signed the No Climate Tax Pledge. Bilirakis pledged to oppose any legislation relating to the climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue. This means he swore allegiance to Oil Industries that he will not vote for any legislation that taxes or fines or imposes any monetary consequence for excessive green house or global warming pollutants by companies.
  • Voted against the Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act. (HR 3963)
  • Voted to make permanent large tax cuts to the super rich and no tax cuts for us.

Bilirakis has had ten years to prove himself and to do work for the middle class and working poor. During this time he has done nothing to help us, increase our income, or lessen our taxes.


  • Strengthen and Preserve Social Security and Medicare.
  • Lower drug prices through price regulation of pharmaceutical drugs. No more $1400 Epi-Pens.
  • Lower drug prices for medicare and seniors through Federal Legislation and negotiation.
  • Combat climate change through renewable energy and shrink carbon emissions.
  • Spend money on infrastructure jobs and projects, stimulate job growth through tax credits and increase in Minimum Wage, and transfer oil and gas subsidies to renewable energy research, development, and manufacturing. We are the Sun Shine State. Shouldn’t we be the world leader in Solar energy production and manufacturing?
  • Increase education spending
  • Correct the Tax Code by eliminating tax breaks and loopholes that only benefit the Super Rich and Big Corporations.
  • Fight for equal pay for equal work, voting rights restoration, individual liberties.
  • Removing marijuana from Schedule 1, allowing it to be prescribed for medicinal purposes.

Please vote Tager for Congress.

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