Gus Bilirakis Is Against Social Security and Medicare

Bilirakis C0-Sponsors Bill Against Social Security and Medicare

In Co-Sponsoring HR25, Congressman Bilirakis has again shown that he wants to privatize social security and turn medicare into a voucher program forcing seniors to buy their own health insurance.

HR25 will significantly harm and weaken social security and will eliminate funding for medicare. In the Co-Sponsored Bill, Congress found in section 2(b): “Findings Relating to Federal Payroll Taxes.—Congress finds further that the Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes and self-employment taxes—(1) raise the cost of employment;(2) destroy jobs and cause unemployment; and (3) have a disproportionately adverse impact on lower income Americans.” Now we know when members of congress speak of “Job Killing legislation or regulation” they are referring to social security and medicare.

In Section 102 Congress repeals the Payroll Tax.

“SEC. 102. Payroll taxes repealed.

(a) In General.—Subtitle C of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (relating to payroll taxes and withholding of income taxes) is repealed.”

This means that the FICA payroll tax, that funds social security and medicare, will no longer be available to fund these crucial senior programs. HR25 shifts the guaranteed funding for social security from payroll taxes to non-guaranteed funding from “general revenue”. Medicare funding is eliminated, making way for it to be turned into a voucher program. Right now, the funding of social security has nothing to do with Congress because it is automatic and self funding through FICA. Once this law passes, it will be up to Congress to fund social security every year from the general revenue, and to send vouchers to seniors.

These people in Congress, Bilirakis included,  have no spending restraint and have exploded our deficit through uncontrolled spending and tax cuts for the rich and powerful.  Congress has continually raided the Social Security trust fund, do you really believe they will fund social security through general revenue?  Do you really trust Bilirakis to stand up for social security and medicare when he co-sponsored HR25 which eliminates the guaranteed funding and eliminates medicare funding?

This bill is in Ways and Means and is still pending legislation. Read HR25 for your self. You just have to read the first two pages to get the gist of my opponents positions. I will write about the gigantic gift this is to the rich and powerful and the burden that shifts to us in another post.

Please share this with your friends, and vote for me, Robert Matthew Tager, for congress. It is time for a new honest voice that puts the needs of the seniors, veterans, and lower 98% of our population before the wants of the super rich and powerful.

On a side note, I went to a Town Hall meeting where Bilirakis  stated, to a room full of seniors, that he supports social security and medicare. I asked our Congressman, “How can you say that you support social security and medicare when you co-sponsored HR25, which eliminates the mandatory funding source for these programs?”. His answer was that the bill was a work in progress and was still in Ways and Means Committee. If you get a chance to ask Bilirakis a question on issue, demand that he gives you specifics of his positions and not just “I support . . . ” as an answer. YOU deserve specifics.

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