Nothing is more important than the health and security of the people government serves. So why are we still debating on common-sense healthcare and insurance solutions? The Healthcare Solution: I support Medicare for All and also a Public Option to allow people to buy into Medicare while Medicare for all is being argued, litigated, and set up. Medicare for all is self explanatory so while

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Help by signing my Candidate Petition

I am asking everyone that wants to support our campaign to fill out and sign the below linked Petition and mail it to me. Petitions must have original signatures so please do not email it. Candidate Petition Candidate Petition, two to a page for canvassing Please distribute this link to all your friends and family and other supporters. Make multiple copies and bring them with

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Why Vote Tager and Not Bilirakis for Congress

Gus Bilirakis has been in Congress since 2006 when he took his fathers congressional seat. Based upon his votes and support for legislation that harms Social Security, Medicare, VA, against fighting climate change, against job stimulants, economic recovery, middle class, it is time for a new and different Voice. The following are his votes. Some of my positions are laid out immediately after his harmful voting

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Gus Bilirakis Is Against Social Security and Medicare

Bilirakis C0-Sponsors Bill Against Social Security and Medicare In Co-Sponsoring HR25, Congressman Bilirakis has again shown that he wants to privatize social security and turn medicare into a voucher program forcing seniors to buy their own health insurance. HR25 will significantly harm and weaken social security and will eliminate funding for medicare. In the Co-Sponsored Bill, Congress found in section 2(b): “Findings Relating to Federal

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Both my opponent and I were requested to answer some questions from the league of women voters. I am attaching a link to those questions and responses. This was done by the League of Women Voters to assist Voters in learning more about the candidates. Candidates for US House of Representatives – District 12

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Unions and Right To Work

I have been asked my position on Union vs Right to Work by both voters and the National Right To Work Committee. Here is my response. I fully support the right of Employees to organize, unionize, and collectively bargain. Our stagnant wages, lower standard of living, lower savings, and job insecurity, is a direct result of the Union Killing legislation enacted in the states and

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My plan for the VA involves many different components. My bullet points are not working but I am working on correcting the problem. Sorry. First and most important is to immediately fund the VA appropriately, taking into account the huge numbers of Veterans that have returned from active duty post 9-11. Money must be spent in the locations where the waiting times are the longest

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WHAT IS PRIVATIZATION Privatization is when our Government gives to private companies the work the Government is responsible or obligated to perform. The Government’s function is to provide the services it is obligated to such as the Military, law enforcement, promote the general welfare through education, social safety net, economic growth, regulating interstate commerce, and the health of our citizens. These are all important functions.

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One Example Of How Gus Bilirakis Has Failed Our Veterans

I am appalled at the misinformation and apathy towards our Veterans and Department of Veteran Affairs, and I want to shed some light, backed by actual facts.  Tonight I was reading some posts about the VA and comments by many people and veterans that were critical of my opponent and his empty support of Veterans. I also saw posts from one of his outreach staff

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