Nothing is more important than the health and security of the people government serves. So why are we still debating on common-sense healthcare and insurance solutions?

The Healthcare Solution: I support Medicare for All and also a Public Option to allow people to buy into Medicare while Medicare for all is being argued, litigated, and set up.

  1. Medicare for all is self explanatory so while we fight for it to pass and to be implemented, I also propose a Public option to allow people to buy into Medicare immediately.
  2. Initiate a public option to allow people to BUY into or PURCHASE medicare. The government will subsidize the poor as is done through the ACA. This has several benefits to everyone. First it gives an opportunity for those older and with preexisting conditions to buy insurance without having to pay for the profit of the insurance companies, and will lower insurance costs. Secondly, it will remove many older and sicker people to Medicare, lessening the cost burden to the insurance market, it will also spur COMPETITION between the insurance industry and Medicare, and according to the Republican Leadership, Competition is good for insurance prices. Medicare competition is necessary to bring competition to the market place. Policies are priced based on a number of factors including actuarial tables in the specific market. I believe that even with 100 insurance companies pricing in the same market there will be no added competition. Thirdly, open the public option to employers which would allow them to save money on providing healthcare to their employees. This will save them money and the employees money.These younger healthier workers will stabilize the prices and help strengthen Medicare.
  3. We must also get our drug prices under control through the Government negotiating or legislating. People should not die or suffer because they can not afford medication.
  4. Marijuana must be made available easily for medical use or legalized.

Please feel free to email me above, sign up for my newsletter, volunteer, or donate to our campaign. I have real plans and not talking points, and I have not even been elected yet. How hard do you think I will fight for you when I win?