The Tager Position

Robert Tager offers a fresh alternative to the past decade of ineffective leadership in the 12thCongressional District. More issues positions.

“My positions are very simple and crafted through common sense:

     Country must always come before party in policy considerations.

   What is good for the middle class and working class is also good for America.

While the Republican leadership has been working for corporations and the wealthy elite and the Democratic leadership has been busy working for the poor and minorities, we in the middle have been ignored and financially squeezed.

Let me be very clear, corporations and the super rich do not care about us,
our success, or failures. They want us to buy their products and give them our money. We have heard from Republican leadership for decades, ‘give them tax breaks and they will create jobs.’ Do you want to know why corporations and the top two percent are richer now and we in the middle are struggling? It’s because they got their tax breaks, and we got the shaft. They now own over 60 percent of our nation’s wealth and they aren’t about to ‘trickle it down’ through jobs or higher wages.  They would rather export jobs, put us out of work, and grow their own profit margins at our expense.

I believe Social Security and Medicare must be strengthened and protected from privatization. This safety net is imperative. Any argument in favor of government agencies placing social security money into the free marketplace is irresponsible. Privatization would end up being nothing more than a giveaway to Wall Street.  Aside from being at the mercy of the banks and Wall Street, the money will be dissipated and lessened through transaction fees, loads, management fees, and other hidden costs, and threatened by the volatility of the market.

Veterans Affairs (the VA) must be properly funded, which it has not been the case for a long time. According to the Bi-Parisian Congressional Commission on Care, the VA is in need of $25 billion due to under-funding from Congress over the past 10 years. My opponent Gus Bilirakis’ position has consistently been against any additional funding for the VA. It is the lack of funds, outdated systems, and outdated facilities that have caused the waiting times and the failures of the VA and put the health and lives of our veterans at risk. This intentional under-funding by Congress is the direct cause of the soldiers that have died waiting for care.

Employment opportunities must be created through several methods. First, people must begin to buy goods and services from locally owned small businesses. Second, good manufacturing jobs that have been exported to countries like Mexico, China, India and Bangladesh must be brought back to America. Third, America’s infrastructure is crumbling and the jobs that will be generated to update roads, bridges and transportation systems have the potential to employ hundreds of thousands of American workers. Fourth, federal money must be made available to local districts to eliminate urban blight, fix drainage systems, or whatever local needs exist. Fifth, eliminate federal regulations that are unnecessary and enacted for the purpose of eliminating competition.

Lastly, I will work to create an environment that fosters job growth, higher wages and lowers the cost of living. Cutting taxes for the rich and corporations does not create jobs. Consider this, interest rates for them to borrow are lower than ever before and they are sitting on trillions of dollars in cash. Why would more tax breaks motivate them to create jobs when they have most of the money now and control more each year?

Together, we can make all these goals a reality.