Privatization is when our Government gives to private companies the work the Government is responsible or obligated to perform. The Government’s function is to provide the services it is obligated to such as the Military, law enforcement, promote the general welfare through education, social safety net, economic growth, regulating interstate commerce, and the health of our citizens. These are all important functions. The private sectors function is to maximize profits and increase the wealth of its shareholders, meaning maximizing revenues, (as much as they can charge) and minimizing costs, (minimizing what they have to spend). Privatization does not mean we no longer pay, that we pay less, or that the private company becomes self sustaining, it just means that rather then  the government paying the employee directly, they pay the company who then pays the employee. It is just one more layer of costs added to our bill.

Top Reasons I Oppose Privatization

  1. It places profit motive above service to citizens: This is self explanatory. The company slashes, employees, pay, benefits, working materials, and hires the cheapest labor it can find to get the job done. What ever they slash out of their budget, is their “profits”. Fewer employees, incompetent employees, slow employees cost less.
  2. It ends up costing more and no accountability: After they are done maximizing their profits through slashing costs, they request budget increases from our government, our tax dollars, and they get them. Services have not improved, but the company must always be raising their profits or their owners get annoyed at the failure to increase profits.
  3. In partial privatization, it drains money and resources away from the remaining  government portion causing it to falter or fail forcing full privatization: The unfunded mandates pushed on the VA is a perfect example. Allowing some veterans to use private doctors outside of the VA, without funding it separately, has added extra expenses on top of the already underfunded budget. This has caused the VA to further decline in its service to veterans, solely because of deliberate congressional under funding. The long wait times and other problems of the VA is a direct consequence of congressional under funding in an effort to privatize. If the VA is outright privatized, the company that gets it will make billions just as Halliburton did since the Afghanistan war. If the VA is dissolved and our soldiers are given vouchers to offset the cost of health insurance, the insurance companies will make tons of money, MRI companies will will make tons of money, and doctors and hospitals will make tons of money.  Who is not benefited? The Veterans will have to pay a lot more of out of pocket expenses, deductibles, and co-pays, and the cost of the insurance. The tax payers will have to pick up the tab for the vouchers. Imagine if  the affordable care act is repealed and pre-existing condition exclusions return and unlimited pricing model returns. Aside from the fact our Veterans deserve much better then being thrown to mercy of the insurance industry, this is not capitalism, this is just a giant giveaway, and one way or another tax payers will have to pick up the tab.

Social Security privatization is the same. Wall Street is the only one that benefits because they will nickle and dime us with transaction fees, loads, administrative fees, accounting fees, and it will subject our future financial retirement security to the whims of the manipulators and banksters that control. Remember the meltdown in 2008, social security still paid out even though trillions were lost in the stock market.

Privatization is nothing more then welfare for the rich, elite, and a giant giveaway to the money donors that buy our politicians.